An Australian feral cat with a blue-blood ancestry grows through all his nine lives…and then some…in a tale that tackles the issue of abandoned pets—from the cat’s point of view.

The chance meeting of a Blue-point Siamese show cat and a wild, feral Australian bush cat creates the nameless hero of this feline survival epic.

Orphaned while young when the mother is killed in a fight with a fox, the cat learns to fend for itself, faces starvation, learns to hunt, fish and steal, and eventually grows to maturity. On the way, he deals with threats including poisonous snakes, foxes, the Powerful Owl, ferocious dog packs and the very weather itself.

An aging bushman tracks the cat through his life journey, fascinated by a creature his logic tells him he should hate and despise.

When the cat, wounded after being struck by a car, is then caught in a torrential flood and washed downstream to lodge in a bramble-bush prison, the bushman rescues him.

Believing the cat to be dying, the bushman leaves him wrapped up by a warming fire while he digs a grave and carves a crude headstone.

But when he returns to collect the “body” he find the cat has once again disappeared—whether to survive or die neither the bushman nor the audience can ever be sure…but they can hope!


**** Cat Tracks is a gripping, grittily realistic novel of the life of a feral cat in the wilds of Australia, an ode to the survival instinct nature has bred into both man and beast. Even as it reveals the cruelty of raw nature in the constant struggle of prey and predator, wind, water and weather, it indicts the careless cruelty of humans who fail to act as caretakers of earth and its creatures. Luckily, the unnamed cat who is the protagonist of this outback adventure crosses paths with one of those humans who responds to the plight of all creatures great and small. Any reader who has rescued a homeless animal will come away from this book realizing just how vital that act of kindness was.****

Carole Nelson Douglas, author of the Midnight Louie books





****Gordon Aalborg's CAT TRACKS is a unique and thoroughly engaging novel about the life and daily struggle for survival of a feral Australian cat, as wild in heart and spirit as the lions of Africa. Though often despised as an inimcal predator to Australian wildlife, feral cats do not lead easy lives themselves, as CAT TRACKS testifies. CAT TRACKS is a most fascinating and rewarding read for cat lovers everywhere, compelling us to follow the journey and hardships of its feline protagonist to the very end***


Midwest Book Review





****...his novel should be mandatory in English classes to illustrate a well-written book****


Sandry Robin, CAT FANCY MAGAZINE, February 2003





****CAT TRACKS is an excellent read for anyone who actually enjoyed crying during "Old Yeller." After reading it, I gave it to my young daughter, who sobbed at "The Lion King" and then wanted to watch it again.****


Amanda Flynn, joebobbriggs.com




The Specialist is a serial killer with very specific and unique tastes. He especially likes the flavor of innocent female bicycle tourists.

Kirsten is a jewellery designer whose hobby is caving, and she carries a lot of emotional baggage, above-ground or in the bowels of the earth.


Her sister Emma goes missing en route to visit Kirsten, then her sister's Kirsten-designed ring mysteriously turns up in a newly discovered cave on Vancouver Island. This cannot be and should not be, but Kirsten knows it to be true because she found the ring herself!

Now she has to solve the riddle of an apparent impossibility, with the help of a few old friends and one deliciously tempting new one.


Kirsten wants answers.

The Specialist wants her to join him for dinner.


“A truly exceptional thriller – hard, fast, beautifully written, chillingly plotted. Buy it today and read it tonight.”

...Lee Child, author of the “Jack Reacher” series.

“Good writing, powerful suspense, a unique setting and characters you care about put THE SPECIALIST in the top rank of current thrillers.”

...Bill Crider.

On a remote Tasmanian grazing property, a gundog judge is murdered, at first glance by a blind man shooting blanks at a dead pigeon in an incident seen but not understood by Tasmania Police Sgt. Charlie Banes and his close friend, visiting Canadian author Teague Kendall.

Meanwhile, Kendall’s almost-lover Kirsten Knelsen, an ardent caving enthusiast, is kidnapped elsewhere in Tasmania, with nothing to even suggest the two incidents might be related. Then Kendall himself goes missing.

It takes all of Charlie’s “country cop” skills to discover the links, which involve Kendall’s vengeful Tasmanian ex-wife, a psychotic, American-hating ex-Viet Nam sniper, and a killer believed to have been dead for more than a year!

Charlie’s rush to save his friends and end the killing spree is a race against time through the eucalypt forests of Tasmania’s east-coast highlands. Aided by a cranky old bushman and his even-crankier Jack Russell terrier, Charlie also has help from the ubiquitous Tasmanian Devils … world-class scavengers with their own ideas about appropriate table manners.




“Gordon Aalborg has given us the benefit of his intelligent imagination. Tight as a drum construction. Characters you care about and fear. Set in Tasmania! Who but Aalborg with his enviable sense of humor could have pulled this off? DINING WITH DEVILS is a must read.”

...Robert Fate, author of the Baby Shark series

“A masterful spine-tingler of a suspense… Gordon Aalborg’s latest installment of his Tasmania-set tale of murder and cannibalism is a cunningly plotted treat, with an ending that will leave readers hungry for more. Be prepared to read DINING WITH DEVILS in a single sitting, because this is one novel you won’t want to put down—not even for dinner.”

...Earl Merkel: Author of Virgins and Martyrs and Final Epidemic.

“DINING WITH DEVILS delivers on the promises of Gordon Aalborg's THE SPECIALIST with taut precision, quick action and greatly appreciated character development. Don't start it at night--you won't get much sleep!”

...Jeffrey Cohen, author of It Happened One Knife: A Double Feature Mystery.

In the aftermath of the Custer debacle, Rebecca Susan Bennett's dying father had sworn her to rescue her twin sister Amy—an Indian captive—or kill her!
“You might be keeping that promise on your own death bed,” was the reaction from Lucas Swallow, bound by his honor to help Rebecca if he could.
For Lucas, , Rebecca was a challenge and her plight a burden of the blood debt he couldn’t ignore. For the gently-reared Rebecca, the very land she traveled was an enemy; she hated and feared the west for its rawness, its violence. Her growing attraction to this enigmatic, mysterious man only complicated things further.
But she refused to let her fears defeat her. She began her search as an innocent idealist. She ended it as Une femme aux cheveux couleur du soleil couchant, qui vainct ses ennemis grâce à un fusil sans balles—Sunset woman who defeats her enemies with an empty rifle.
And in the process, Rebecca found not only her sister, but herself.


“The Horse Tamer’s Challenge is a gritty, gut-wrenching adventure story that stirs the imagination and satisfies the heart. This is the stuff of which legends and bestsellers are made. A panorama of how the West was really won, it’s filled with the kind of love, adventure, danger and history that keeps readers turning the pages to the very satisfying end. Not since the heyday of Louis L’Amour has there been a western this well-researched, this well-written.”

...Fran Baker, best-selling author of Once a Warrior

“Both evocative and exciting, The Horse Tamer’s Challenge tells a startlingly original tale of love, loss and nonstop adventure on the wild and unpredictable frontier of the Nineteenth Century. Lucas Swallow is an unforgettable hero, a man of two starkly different cultures who walks between them with cunning grace as well as compassion. Gordon Aalborg is an impressive and consummate storyteller.”

...Michelle Black, author of Solomon Spring
And other novels of the Victorian West.

“The Horse Tamer’s Challenge has everything – wonderful settings, adventure, great characters you’ll love and some you’ll hate, lots of action and suspense, romance, and fascinating Native American lore.”

...Marilyn Meredith, author of the
Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series

An intriguing take on the Woman in the Old West.”

...Rex Anderson, author of Cover Her With Roses.