Books by Gordon Aalborg

River Of Porcupines

River Of Porcupines by Gordon Aalborg

Fur trade employee GARTH CAMERON is charged with taking ILONA BAPTISTE—a lovely and much-desired Métis maiden who could become the catalyst for a bloody trade war between his own North-West Company and the more powerful Hudson’s Bay Company—to a place of safety down-river from the Rocky Mountain House trading post. The journey is barely begun…

The Horse Tamer’s Challenge

The Horse Tamer's Challenge by Gordon Aalborg

A Romance of the Old West The horse tamer’s challenge wore skirts! With his dying breath, Rebecca Susan Bennett’s father had sworn her to rescue her twin sister Amy—an Indian captive—or kill her! It was an oath which would lead Rebecca into the wilds of Montana Territory in the aftermath of the Custer massacre, scouring…

Cat Tracks

Cat Tracks by Gordon Aalborg

If BAMBI had been a feral cat in Australia, this might be his story. An Australian feral cat with a blue-blood ancestry grows through all his nine lives…and then some…in a tale that tackles the issue of abandoned pets—from the cat’s point of view. The chance meeting of a Blue-point Siamese show cat and a…

The Specialist

The Specialist by Gordon Aalborg

1st in the “Specialist” series of Tasmanian thrillers. The Specialist is a serial killer with very specific and unique tastes. He especially likes the flavor of innocent female bicycle tourists. Kirsten is a jewellery designer whose hobby is caving, and she carries a lot of emotional baggage, above-ground or in the bowels of the earth….

Dining With Devils

Dining With Devils by Gordon Aalborg

2nd in the “Specialist” series of Tasmanian thrillers. On a remote Tasmanian grazing property, a gundog judge is murdered, at first glance by a blind man shooting blanks at a dead pigeon in an incident seen but not understood by Tasmania Police Sgt. Charlie Banes and his close friend, visiting Canadian author Teague Kendall. Meanwhile,…

*And then there are the books of his alter-ego and muse, Victoria Gordon...*