Gordon Aalborg – The Author

Gordon Aalborg - Author/Editor
Gordon Aalborg began his writing career as a reporter, columnist and bureau chief at The Edmonton Journal in his native Alberta, Canada.

Gordon hunted and fished through much of the area in which RIVER OF PORCUPINES is set, and his maternal grandfather worked as a cowboy with noted artist Charles Russell in Montana, where THE HORSE TAMER’S CHALLENGE is set. Both reveal Gordon’s love of Frontier Fiction; he grew up listening to tales of the old west as it really was.

He wandered off to Australia in the ‘70s as a freelance journalist and radio/TV broadcaster – and, ultimately, reinvention as a best-selling romance author. “Victoria Gordon” was born in response to the publisher’s claim that “no man” could write Harlequin/Mills & Boon category romance {Gordon is widely believed to be the first man to *seriously* meet that challenge}, and she survives with more than twenty novels published throughout the world.

Gordon wrote the feline survival epic CAT TRACKS as a result of his experiences in Australia, where feral cats are a serious environmental problem.  He bushwalked and fished throughout the Canberra region where the book is set. Many of his other books have a Tasmanian setting, and he considers Tasmania his spiritual home.

His move to crime fiction followed Gordon’s return to Canada and marriage to best-selling mystery and historical romance author Denise (Deni) Dietz. Their online romance inspired the romantic suspense FINDING BESS, but Gordon says writing it was…difficult. “I kept trying to get everybody into bed, and she kept wanting to kill them all off.”

Gordon’s dramatic psycho-thrillers—THE SPECIALIST and DINING WITH DEVILSare set in Tasmania and on Vancouver Island, where Gordon now lives.

He was founder and long-time president of the Tasmanian Gundog Trial Assoc. and maintains an interest in working gundogs. In his spare time, he sculpts in wood.